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Thought I would throw this out here for advise.

I have just one in ear monitor that has a missing half of it's shell. Ive had a free replacement from the manufacturer so do have an identical item to supply.

Is it something I could get manufactured economically?

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Sugru, £6
Loctite Kintsuglue, £5
...or maybe cheaper ?
TobyZ07/07/2020 17:06

Sugru, £6Loctite Kintsuglue, £5...or maybe cheaper ?

I don't have the missing piece of acrylic so glues are not a possibility. I have thought about Sugru but I cant help think that it will make the sound very poor.
Way back I was asking a similar question to get some small double glazing window catch parts remade. I had example parts from other windows and imagined I could find a back street 3D copying shop somewhere. Naive me, turns out getting an item 3D copied is not yet a thing, I got directed to CAM sites to produce a 3D drawing instead.
There’s bound to be someone on here with a 3D printer who could do it. They’re literally always posted as deals
I have one and it'll be dirt cheap to print, but you need a file for the design, you can make it yourself or pay someone else to, paying someone to do it in cad is probably going to cost more than the headphones are worth. Some phones can 3d scan, but they don't work too well or smaller items so you'll get an approximation of it.
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