3d ready projectors what do i need to watch 3d and how good

    looking at a 3d ready projector from argos,how do i get this to view 3d what exactly do i need???

    i know that when the tvs had hd ready you needed things that output hd,like sky hd/virgin hd or a computer that outputs hd.

    so is this the same as 3d because i have a ps3 and read that sony were doing a free 3d download.


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    anyone shine any light,gonna goup the town tomorrow and may pick this up

    Most projectors are 3d ready, But you need 3dnvidia atm which is stupidly expensive, with the current projectors you cant use sky, ps3 or any gaming console with them.

    But if you wait till next year they are realising a new 3d projector which uses cheaper glasses and does not require a pc and works with sky and the ps3.

    So if you want a proper one youll have to wait till the begining of next year. The new one is called Optoma 3D-XL

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    Cheers for clearing that up for me

    Its annoying really, I wanted one a few months ago so looked into it quite abit, I opted for the samsung 50inch deal in the end but when the proper 3d projectors come out I may upgrade.


    At least you're on the right track if you must have 3D. Anything under 80" is pointless for 3D.


    The Nvidia 3D kit is only like £80 hardly expensive really.

    Yeah £80 per person, and thats only if you want to watch films via blu-ray/download. A very expensive option without the abillity to watch tv or play ps3 on.


    Glasses are the same price as the any other shutter solution inc Sony and … Glasses are the same price as the any other shutter solution inc Sony and Samsung so I disagree still.

    yeah but once again thats a tv and you can't watch tv on it, you can't on any 3d projector atm,. or play ps3 on any atm. and samsung glasses are about £50 a pair. Makes it a bit pointless if your only going to watch films and not play games on it.
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