3D Sound using portable speakers

    I have a pair of headphones that have 50mm drivers inside, and depending upon the track, I can sometimes differentiate various instruments, comimg from different parts of each driver giving a kind of 3D effect, which I am now trying to replicate using speakers.
    I have a 5.1 set-up and this simply does not achieve the same thing in any way at all. Therefore, I was thinking to position various portable speakers around me in either a diamond formation, or simply to my left and right, to try and achieve the desired effect. I'm trying to establish spatial separation between each driver or frequency range ao im guessing i would need at least a 3 way speaker on either side. Any suggestions on formation, diatances and speakers would be appreciated.



    you will have as much luck as using tin cans connected by string.

    You need to convert the audio to 5.1 to achieve a similar effect. Possibly Dolby Digital Live if your soundcard supports it or converting it by using DD pro logic ii on your home cinema.

    There are methods on google about converting stereo to 5.1 sound using 6 channel WAV files and it does work pretty well but there's a lot of time/work involved.…und

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    Thanks for the tip I never considered changing the audio encoding.
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