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Hi there

Last night i recieved notifiaction that two of my 3ds games had been despatched from Tesco Entertainment


I have yet to recieve an email reguarding my 3DS consanuaryole.

I ordered this in January and the games at the begining of March, whats going on??

They said that i would get my 3DS on the release day thats why i ordered it from them. Anyone had a despatch email for their 3DS from Tesco Entertainment yet. They making me nervous now



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Lol. It would be a bit stupid if you received the games before the console itself. Stupid Tesco!

Well firstly this isn't a deal but before it gets moved I'll try and give you an answer. The 3DS only launches on the 25th of march so it doesn't matter when you ordered it as the console will be shipped around then (or shipped to try and get to you for that date). Because stores are more 'loose' with shipping games than consoles, presumably due to pressure from nintendo to not break the street date of the 3DS, you'll see games shipped so you have them in time.

My girlfriend already has her copy of samurai warriors chronicles and got it on the 19th so well in advance of the 3DS system coming out.

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yeah that makes sense. But il be pevved off if i don't get it on lauch day!
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From my experience of Tesco entertainment I wouldn't hold your breath. When ever I have pre ordered games with them (twice) both arrived 5 days after release. Hope you have a better experience.

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Cheers,I hope so 2.

At least il have Crysis 2 to keep me going
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