3ds xl firmware 4 - 4.5


    Im looking to buy a 3ds xl but I am looking to get one with the above firmware.

    If I were to buy one from a shop how would I know which firmware version it had?

    Is that even possible?


    If you Google around, there's certain 3ds's with product codes that come shipped with that firmware (or lower).

    I just went into Argos and asked to have a look at a couple of boxes and got a shiny nice white one with a Gateway friendly firmware.. Mileage may vary though.

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    Cheers, i was hoping for a second hand one as im not even sure id play it much. But i appreciate the response mate

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    How much would a second hand 3ds xl with firmware 4 - 4.5 go for?

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    Im not bothered about it being anything rare such as the fire emblem bundle.
    If you know what you want for it let me know and ill consider it.


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