3G Handset with Decent Battery Life

    Looking for a 3G handset which has a beast of a battery, preferably on PAYG but will consider contracts too.

    Networks that I am considering are T-Mobile, Orange and Vodafone.


    Try Nokia E90

    Nokia battery life is eons behind sony ericssons.

    The new nokia 6300 uses a battery from the 5 year old model 6100.

    The new 8GB N95, is bigger to accomodate a large battery as they do not have SE's technological advantage on batteries.

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    So I am thinking that the Sony P1i is the way to go?

    Any further advice welcome!

    If you minimise bluetooth use, put screen timeouts on minimum settings, on any of the SE top range items, you should be happy.

    I've become accustomed to carrying a spare battery in my wallet though and I cycle them every 2 weeks or so ensuring I empty each battery at least twice a month before they get a "memory" and lose capacity, which is the invitable end to any recharable battery, they have limited recharge capability.

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    Are these high end enough?

    W850i - prob 1st choice since I can get it on PAYG

    Never owned a Sony Ericsson!

    K850i/K810i/K800/W910i I reckon are.


    Are these high end enough?W850i - prob 1st choice since I can get it on … Are these high end enough?W850i - prob 1st choice since I can get it on PAYGW880iK810iNever owned a Sony Ericsson!

    Not interested in cashback deals I take it?

    Premium phones, which the K850i is and will be until next year, expecially on PAYG is a major rip off IMHO, easily £30-£50+ above the cost price on contracts.

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    TBH cashbacks require vigilance that I don't seem to possess! One mistake and you aren't saving money!

    I'm investigating 3 at the mo because their direct deals seem legit and I can afford them e.g. that £15 a month tariff, obv u can't get a N95 or Viewty for that price! So best there is K800i (free handset, no extra monthly cost) + quidco

    This may sound a bit lame but the reason I was mainly looking for strong battery life was Mobile TV and Radio/MP3 usage.

    The Sky Sports Pack is only available on Voda, Orange and T-Mobile.

    Cheers for the help schizoboy, I will leave you some rep in a mo!

    Both of those, especially TV (slowness and **** res aside) will drain battery in any mobile, EXPECT to be buying a spare battery and getting into the habit of looking after them if you do those regularly.

    I'm surprised K180i isn;t on those direct deals yet,
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