Found 6th Jan 2009
if this phone is unlocked, will it support a 3sim card???

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should do

how sure are you mate??

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anyone else please clear this up for me??

what generation iphone as im 99% confident they dont work with first gen

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3g one matey new one

HAvent personally tried it myself, but it should do. I know that people were using iPhone 3G's that were unlocked with the sim card unlocks on the 3UK network.

I assume that you are unlocking using the Yellowsn0w software from the iPhoneDevTeam? Cant see any reason why that unlock wont work on the 3 network as well!

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apprantly if i use my 3 sim card in a non 3 phone they will block the sim card

Thats not correct, why would they do that? They only block the sim if you use a non 3g phone because that means you only use the 2g network which they have had to licence from another company (think it's orange)and that costs them mpney! Ive used non-3 3g phones before (a tytn) with no problems
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