3g iPhone...can this be unlocked?

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Found 17th Jul 2008
Hey people,

I wanted to know if its possbile to unlock the 3g iphone and if it does accept the 3 network simcard? I know some people might say durrr it's 3g....but still some people on eBay say they do work on the 3 network and some say they don't!

Any ideas?

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not yet you have to wait till it is hacked or jailbroken.
ziphone are currently working on it.

3g is the speed of the mobile net

3 is a mobile network

and im sure it can be unlocked but atm theres not hacks for it

Already hacked - you can also use a card that slips under any SIM

Buy it from France as they don't allow phones to be network locked.

You can use a turbosim to get it to work, and the only limitation in the past for the 3 network was they could tell you weren't using 3G. I suppose this is no longer the case...

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Thanks guys...hmm buying it from France! Sounds interesting...any reliable french sites? Tuirbosim also sounds good but any downsides with that or is it good...if I'm right its like another simcard which you put your own simcard in? :whistling:

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Whoops just noticed Giles reply! Thanks....

Yeah, it's basically another sim card, but really thin. It just covers the parts of your sim that tell the phone the network, etc. You have to cut a bit off your own sim also.

I've got one in my drawer, but no iPhone 3G ;o(

Info here:-


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But do I have to activate a contract when I buy in store?



But do I have to activate a contract when I buy in store?Thanks

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