3G is not working on my Iphone 4

    I have an Iphone 4 32gb running 4.3.3 on AT&T which is unlocked using a Gevey Sim.

    One problem the 3G does not seem to be working.

    So what can i do to sort this out?!?!

    Thanks in advance....


    Switch DATA ROAMING ON and it will be working.

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    Hi, thanks for the reply.

    Yeah both of those are on! The message comes up with saying could not connect and something wrong with Cellular data! I have full signal and states that i have a 3G network on the top of the phone!

    Any ideas?

    Have you changed your APN settings lately?

    usa iphone will not work in uk for 3g
    its not the same frequency
    even in usa 3g is locked to network

    USA iPhone will work in the UK for 3G. It runs on the same band that all UK GSM networks run on.

    Its T-Mobile USA which their 3G service doesnt work on iPhones. You can only get EDGE.

    Poster, are you in USA using an ATT iphone trying to get it to run T-Mobile? Or are you from the UK using an ATT iPhone trying to roam with a UK sim? (confusing)

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    I have an AT&T Iphone which is unlocked using Gevey Sim card and trying to run European 3G Network (currently in Denmark)

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    Sorted had to change APN settings to my network!


    Sorted had to change APN settings to my network!

    Good stuff! Have a great time in Denmark!
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