3G vs 4G battery consumption

Found 9th Jan 2017
(Using a Z5 Compact) Would I experience a noticeable increase in battery life if I switch to 3g instead of using 4g?

For my situation -

4G - usually weak 1-2 bars of signal, download speeds of around 45Mbps
3G- usually strong full signal, download speeds of around 25Mbps

Am I correct in thinking that the weaker 4G signal will use up more battery life as it will constantly be searching for stronger signal compared to my strong 3G signal?...or am I oversimplifying this far too much?

My 3G speeds are easily enough for what I need, so I just want to know if it's going to make a noticeable difference.

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I think as long as you don't go out of signal completely that shouldn't cause drainage. Not sure if 4G uses more battery power than 3G in general usage. Possibly, but maybe not. I know that 2G uses considerably less power than 3G does though
When you are in the move your phone constantly searching for new transmitters. Anyway, 4G always drain battery more then 3G, and 3G more then 2G. But it is nothing you can do about, except manual switch to 3G
Sony builds in battery saver modes. Don't own one myself but my mate dose. He uses.. stamina mode : whenever your screen is off, your Xperia will turn off Wi-Fi and mobile data. It will also throttle down the phone’s hardware to reduce any background activity
Screens are the biggest drains of the battery. As most 4g phones tend to be large screens guess what.
I always switch off data and wifi when not using it. This is another big drain, with data on lots of apps are doing online checks which means tx/rx power being used.

Today you have to except that data intensive large colour screen devices need to he topped up during the day early evening.

If you want a phone that lasts 3+ days then 2g small screen is the only option.

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why don't u just try it it's not going to hurt u. Then u can report back but I think u will get more usage out of it at 3g
Thanks for the input everyone, much appreciated. I will spend a few days on 3G and see if it has a noticeable improvement. My battery life isn't too bad mostly thanks to it's 4.6inch 720p screen but I've seen people claiming on some forums that they have noticed substantial improvements, but I guess that will vary across different phones and and your location.
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