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Found 7th Nov 2017
Just asking for any recommendations for a tablet that I can use a data sim card in.

I'd just use it for browsing, but have a lot of open tabs at a time that I will flick between often, so responsiveness is important. No sluggishness, stalling, pausing etc...

Ideally I'd like a 10 inch screen and to pay about £100 - £150 at the very most.

I'm more than comfortable with ordering from China, and it's actually that wealth of choice of unknown brands that is making the research and sifting through them all a long slog with no final answer.

I have a Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 as my phone, and basically something of similar performance in 10 inch form is really what I'm looking for.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions I may get.
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Hi I don't know if your still looking but have you seen this post? Its not been up for long but it has already reached 100+ It is just over £70


also here is a link to all the 10 inch sim tablets on gearbeast if you would like to look yourself for something more suitable

I got a "Alcatel Plus 10 Grade A Refurb" from O2 and my only complaint (which is in general with these some of these styles) the sim goes into the keyboard not actually the tablet, then creates a hotspot for the tablet to connect with. Although I'm mainly using for work when travelling hence prefer windows based over android. Also can run bluestacks to emulate android if needed.

O2 Refurb Alcatel Plus 10
Note this is a refresh deal. Buy then logon to O2 account and settle the device plan (£6 per month x24=£144) and cancel the airtime. Normally retails around £220 mark.
Thanks for the responses, I ordered the Onda that madmaggs linked to. Looks like it'll do the job nicely.
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