3mobilefones - experiences/feedback?

    Are they any good? Anyone got any feedback, how was the order process, cashback claims?

    They seem to have some very good phones and deals. Can get £32 cashback via Quidco too.

    Apologies if this is the wrong board.


    they,re customer service is attrocious leave well alone they put you through to customer services in mumbai india where the operators all read from a fixed script i remember asking to speak to a supervisor to be told my supervisor will only tell you what i am telling you. thats how they are so cheap. best networki found is o2 not cheap but 1 st class service

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    Cheers, was referring to 3 as a network provider - plenty of experience of that was referring to the retailer 3 mobile fones and specifically cashback experiences.

    sent cash back voucher to them and bills recorded delivery still had trouble getting money back my uncle who is a solicitor wrote thema letter on my behalf and hey presto they suddenly payed up
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