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    Hey looking for a new phone to take on holiday with me so it saves taking my digi cam away too!

    I'm not particlarly up on phones so suggestions and deals would be more than welcomed!

    I'm on o2 currently and would preferably like to stay that way..



    If you want a phone with a great camera check out SE K800i. Imo the best of the 3mp phones, by fAR. You won't regret the quality. If you like I can take a pic using my own and send to you to show the quality.

    Pretty cheap now too.

    yup k800i your best bet, carphonewarehouse have it at £149.99 + £10 top up ]http//sh…ro/

    or silver one from phones4u same price ]http//ww…838

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    Hey thanks for the swift reply guys, my friend has the same phone and I've had a little play on it a couple of times but one question I have about it, the flash doesn't work when filming does it? So how is the picture quality in poorly lit areas?

    The video recording is rubbish on it, even if there is light imo

    i've yet to see a phonecam that takes as good pictures (with as much ease and as quickly) as a basic digital camera. That said the SE cameras are pretty good, as are the Samsung.

    But really, take your digital camera - is it really that much extra trouble to take? (or £150 you can get a whizzy new camera: the Panasonic, the fuji and sony camera's have all been on here recently at great prices)
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