3piece SDS long drill bit set

Found 11th Oct 2007
£20 max budget as sets on ebay are £10ish

It's for an ancient Black and Decker wired which I think might be a hammer/volt hammer variety,

I was stupid and bought this:


Which attachs and works just fine in my B&D.

And only measuring the outside walls after I bought it :whistling:

My outside walls are over 40cm thick with my insideones over 34cm, doh!

Three piece masonary set along the lines of:

600mmx 16mm

or similar would be nice.

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You should also check the maximum size of your drill chuck. Some of these bits may be too big if they are not tapered.
Edited the OP as I doubt I have a SDS drill

It can take up to about 14mm thick I think? maybe a bit more

it took that toolstation one ok but it was tapered at the end to fit it nicely.
Are you sure it's SDS drill bits you want?

The ones you bought from Toolstation are not SDS they are normal hammer masonary drill bits, SDS drills fit differently into a SDS specific chuck (the bits have 3 flute in the shaft where they go into the chuck) and can't be used in a normal drill chuck.
To add to the above what are your walls made of?, you are going to need a powerful drill to go through 400mm if they are of made of anything decent.
No, tried to edit OP title, doesn't change how it lists deal requests, HUKD forum bug it seems, I do not have an SDS drill as I said above.

Normal brickwork?

I have a metal detector thing to ensure I don't hit metal....
There is a ]400 x 12]600 x 14 & ]600 x 16 at the site Doid suggested BUT I don't think they will fit your drill chuck.

This is just a guess but I thinh you have a drill with a 10mm chuck (easy to check just measure the hole at the end) and even if you have a 13mm one (which is the largest non professional chuck available) the 14 &16mm bits wouldn't fit.

The easieat way around this is if It's a one off job you are doing is to go down to a hire shop and tell them exactly what you are doing and they will hire you a decent SDs drill and bits to suit.

If you actually need to buy these bits let me know and I will look for some large diameter bits that are ground to fit a 13mm chuck (as far as I know they dont make drill bits of a large diameter for 10mm chucks).
Are tapered drill bits so rare now?

12x600mm was the one I was considering though I would of prefered the range in the OP.

I'll measure the chuck before ordering.
The masonary ones are rarer than they used to be as SDS drills (at least for the DIYer) have dropped in price, I bought mine from Aldi last year for £30.

The reason why people buy and use SDS drill is that they are a LOT more effiecient than normal hammer drills when it comes to drilling though masonary, and you can get large diameter bits for them.

The other feature most of them have is rotary stop where the chuck stops turning but the hammer continues, this means you can use a wide range of other bis in them like chisels and channel chasers.

Before you order a couple of other thins to consider, both linked:-

The power of your drill, if you have a low powered drill, and by that I mean anything under 750w you are going to struggle.

The age of your house, if it is fairly modern it is likely that the constuction is going to be relatively light weight, i.e. blocks on the inside and ****** modern bricks.
If it is older like mine (prewar) the bricks are much harder and it is going to be difficult if not impossible to get though without a decent drill, you are more likely just going to burn the drill bit out.
It's been said this is a 1930s house, but I'm not sure how much I believe that, there an easy way to find out without paying the land registry?

PS: what drill did you get?

I'm more of a slave labour caretaker, tenancy and DIY wise for my house, parents properties and a couple of relatives so might consider buying one.

To check to see if you can drill the walls with the power drill you have, do a test hole (right through a brick if you can) with the largest masonary bit you have some where in the external brickwork where it won't be noticable, you will soon find out how easy /hard it is.

The SDS drill I got was Aldi's own make which was on offer and it is excellent (they do them 2 or 3 times a year)

A good tip when drilling right through a wall is to work from the outside to the inside if possible. This allows you to see the mortar joints. To make it easier you drill at the point where a vertical joint meets a horizontal one so you are drilling through mostly mortar not brickwork which is a lot easier.
Obviously you have to do some measuring to make sure the hole comes out on the inside where you want it.
Don't forget to check for pipes and wires on the inside first, getting blasted across a room when you hit a mains cable is not fun, I've done it (gets rid of a hangover though guaranteed).

I'm more of a slave labour caretaker, tenancy and DIY wise for my house, … I'm more of a slave labour caretaker, tenancy and DIY wise for my house, parents properties and a couple of relatives so might consider buying one.

Arn't we all!
16 x 400mm masonry drill at Screwfix with tapered shaft

Ta for that, I'll be seeing a mate on tomorrow who's near a Screwfix and B&Q so I'll pop in and see what they have.
Just a thought but it might be worth giving diytools.co.uk a ring to see if the larger diameter bits are tapered and so would fit a 13mm chuck.

The reason I suggest this is that the pictures of the 14 and 16 mm bits show non tapered shafts and after another look at the product pictures i noticed that they don't always correspond to the description, it's especially easy to spot in the loger length drills.
It needs the tapered bits, it says 13mm max on the side

Bought that, but seems more flimsey than the nicer 16mm one from toolstation, I can see why 16mm ones are popular now as they provide extra strength it seems.

Not used it yet, basically if I break the drill/drill bit, I'll consider a sds hammer drill
They are a bit flimsy when they are long and thin especially when they get hot and they do bend easily.

Good luck, just take it steady and let the drill do the work.

It helps to keep the hole clear of the dust otherwise the drill bit heats up faster and is not as effective.
Oh yeah, I've confirmed this house at least, is a pre ww2 mid 1930house, so how long will it take this "heavy" house to break that £2 drill bit? lol
At least it'll only be 2 quid, I've been to B&Q this morning and almost the same drill is £16!
I think everyone on HUKD has been to B&Q today

Yeah Bosch thing in a plastic case, screwfix ftw
I'm getting this tomorrow:

as well as a 16mmx400mm £4 drill bit from screw fix, old drill i have is only 400w, so hopefully this will make enough of a difference.

Shame the bosch sds drill I want is nice, just a shame it's not worth £130 for me to spend on it.

Try … Try these]http://www.toolsdirect2you.co.uk/product.asp?P_ID=6066&strPageHistory=search&strKeywords=sds11&numPageStartPosition=1&strSearchCriteria=any&PT_ID=allThanks...

They are SDS drill bits and not suitable for normal hammer drills
Well I've gotten that Argos £30 drill, you can tell its not worth more then £50, by the materials but is put together well.

The Screwfix £4 16mmx400mm drill bit still doesn't feel that solid, not as solid as the £7 16mmx260mm one, did a test hole using the £7 one which needed a bit of work and time but was ok, nearly 40cm thick outside wall will take a good effort to get through but still doable now
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