3rd Caption Competition!! [04/06/2005]

    Just for fun, think of a caption for this...


    1) Try to keep it clan, anti-racist, etc.
    2) There are no prizes, no winners. It's just for fun. Think of your caption, and post it. If you like someone's caption, feel free to tell them that you like it by posting here.
    3) The caption competitions will be posted randomly. (i.e. not every day, week, etc.)
    4) There is nothing stopping you going back to an old caption competition and adding your caption.
    5) Have fun!!

    P.S. If you have a picture you'd like me to use then send me the link via a PM.


    Original Poster

    Should be a laugh. We're doing quite well. Mine is:

    Disaster at the annual convention of women drivers.


    "These cars were all on the runway" :roll: [have to see a previous image for that one, also for the next one :)].

    "Forklift truck driver practices his skills during his lunch hour, using the firm's carpark".

    Recyling: "Please leave your Rover here".

    "Okay, who pulled out the plug from the new car wash"?


    You have to have seen Rat Race- The Film to understand.

    Original Poster

    LMAO. That's one of my FAVOURITE films!! Good work magickc!!


    "YOU...SHOULD...HAVE...BOUGHT...THE.....SQUIRREL"You have to have seen … "YOU...SHOULD...HAVE...BOUGHT...THE.....SQUIRREL"You have to have seen Rat Race- The Film to understand.

    fab!! watched it recently so laughed lots when i read that

    Worlds steepest car park proves a hit with drivers
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