3x FREE Podback Recycling Bags - Easily Recycle Your Empty Coffee Pods!

Posted 22nd Apr 2021
Just looking through the Tassimo website and noted that they've added this recycling scheme which I thought was brilliant and wanted to share! You can use this service with Nespresso, NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto and Tassimo pods.


Please note the bags will be discounted to £0 in your basket. You can order a maximum of 3 bags per order.

Podback is the new coffee pod recycling service, designed to make recycling coffee pods as easy as it is to make pod coffee.

These bags are for the Podback Drop Off scheme. To use Drop Off please see the steps below.

With Podback, Kerbside collection, is also available. Check for Kerbside availability at the Podback website - podback.org.

Please be aware: these bags cannot be used for Kerbside collection.

"Please note the bags will be discounted to £0 in your basket. You can order a maximum of 3 bags per order."
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  1. sdylan's avatar
    Can’t even order they need to sort the website
  2. sdylan's avatar
    So basically you have to spend something to get them
  3. saintscouple's avatar
    useful to know, thanks.

    Will have to wait till i place another drinks order though, as the bags on their own still incur a £2.99 delivery charge.
  4. deleted2686495's avatar
    Because most of the companies have a minimum basket or pay postage. Dolce Gusto allow up to 5 bags to be ordered and supposedly hold 45 of their pods.
  5. neil.griffiths's avatar
    So you can only recycle your coffee pods if you buy from the manufacturer, that’s pretty bad as I don’t buy from tags Simo as they’re too expensive with their minimum order system. It should be possible to obtain the bags from elsewhere
    ukros's avatar
    If you have a Nespresso Boutique anywhere close to you, then you can pick up (and also drop off) the bags from there:

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