3x Roadside Assistance Covers needed

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Found 6th Sep 2008
Hello can you please help me find the best deal on 3 roadside assistance covers, 2 for bikes and one for the car. I need them

to take me home
to repair bike puncture at roadside
to recove in case of accident
not to take us to the nearest garage and
dont need any european cover.
in the car to recover all my family

Thanks a lot!


hi rac are cheap

if over 50 age concern do road side assistance

Get Autoaid as it covers you on any car or bike under one policy for £36 per year

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a bit far off 50 but thanks anyway!


Get Autoaid as it covers you on any car or bike under one policy for £36 … Get Autoaid as it covers you on any car or bike under one policy for £36 per year

That sounds excellent, thanks! As long as they can repair a puncture on the bike and take me home :oops: that should do

Will let u know how I get on

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Just had a look at Autoaid and dont think I would go for that. Is a pay as you use scheme and dont want the hassle/worry to having to claim the money back...
thanks anyway

The AA cover the driver not the vehicle, they are getting better for bikers now. When I first joined 10 years back, they just relayed the bike home and left it at that. Now they actually attempt repairs roadside to get you back under way.
No idea how much it costs, Mrs Pugw$sh deals with that!
Just got this from Motorcycle News [url]www.ncionline.co.uk[/url] or 08000217824 they cover bikes and seem pretty reasonable.

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Hi pug thanks for your reply.
I have been looking in the meantime and I actually need rodside (fr puncture) recovery (in case of accident ) plus I need to cover fr 4 peole if it happens when I m in the car with the family
AND that will take me HOME!!!
They are coming up at over £100 and my hubby bike also needs Raodside assistance so now we need

3 Roadside assistance covers!!!


Fantastic only cost £42 for my car, homestart, take you on your journey take your car to a garage if it cant be fixed at the roadside.
Used 3 times this year already, no problems what so ever!
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