4 Carat Diamond Solataire 18ct white gold engagement ring £156,899.00 RRP £522,991.00

Saw this bargain and couldn't believe my luck.


A saving of over a quarter of a million pounds, this is better value for money the the Aston Martin / CLK deal


And the best bit (note the quotation marks)

Order it today and try it from the comfort of your own home.
Our No Questions Asked 30 day Full Money Back Guarantee gives you plenty time to consider your purchase"

Product Specifications
Jewellery Information
Metal stamp: 750 Gold
Metal: 18ct White Gold
Material: 18ct White Gold
Gem Type: Diamond
Setting: Classic Solitaire Setting
Ring Size: N
Number Of Stones: 1
Stone Weight: 4 carats
Diamond Information
Resizable: Y
Stone Shape: Round Brilliant
Minimum Colour: F
Minimum clarity: IF
Cut: Ideal Cut
Symmetry: Excellent
Polish: Excellent
Fluorescence: None
Minimum Total Carat Weight: 4.0 carats


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Bought one! CHEAP !!

Original Poster

Are people seriously going to vote this cold! Jesus some people really are missing a sense of humour!!

I take it back!

**** the bed

You'd think for that price that you might get a decent looking presentation box??? That said, a saving of over £365k can't be bad!!!

Hot deal just need 160,000 credit limit , 2% cashback = 3 grand odd.
Then apply for the 30day no quibble refund. This time next year....

Great find, just ordered 3!!!! Today I've saved over £1 million......!

Oh thats a shame, the delivery date will be after Christmas, just about to buy one aswell

Bargain! ;-)

OMG what a bargain, its just what i was looking for! Sizzling deal:thumbsup:

Fantastic!! You're a diamond!! Thanks

do you reckon they will do matching earrings?? if not I cant buy one, like to have a matching set you see! pmpl!!

Does this qualify for Quidco?

Is any woman worth that much. Really?

lol does it qualify for quid co.. if only!
that is hilarious. i loved it.

So Hot I decided to but 2!

Grab em before they all go.


Bought.... Only wanted the box though lol

OMG Free Delivery ... I'm getting one :w00t:

Gutted. I just ordered one at full price last week...

Oh look, yet another expensive thing posted as a joke! :roll:

;-) :-D


This ring should not cost more than 30 K guys!

Original Poster


Is any woman worth that much. Really?

A guy I went to law school with, his father owns a construction company in London, he bought his new Wife an Enzo last Christmas.

I know what I would rather receive!!!

No reviews yet? :-( I'm very surprised...

any quidco on this item??? :w00t:

Great price works out only £156,896.50p with my free HotUKDeals voucher....


WOH...Even FREE DELIVERY...What a bargain....Just ordered 200 with a view to sell for £5 profit each on ebay.....

Just ordered 4, gonna stick them on Ebay!! :prop:


****, HOT just brought one ! just now to sell the house

That design is just sooooo chavy !!!!!!

I think I'll go with this one: ]http//ww…1-2


And I'll still save myself over £340,000 - absolute bargain!

With the savings I make on this one purchase, I'll even be able to buy the girlfriend half a housing estate in Hartlepool

You guys are sooooo cheap. I bought this for the missus yesterday....


:pirate: CJ :pirate:

What dreamer is selling this, its only worth around £20k!

Better value for money at Graff :roll:

While quite acceptable, this is not an ideal colour tone of diamond, being two shades up from colourless "D" rating.

It may be cheaper than this merchant is selling for E or D colour, but better value can be found elsewhere.

And take the valuation with a pinch of salt too..... do you really want to be paying over £18,000 per annum for insurance on this ring :w00t:

i should be getting it soon!!! cant wait!!!! lol

I ordered this for my partner as an engagement ring, but found the same ring cheaper at my local market for £50, the woman on the stall said it was the same ring, fortunately Amazon agreed to price match minus 10% so I got it for £46 in the end.

jokes aside - thats actually quite expensive for what its worth...

Thanks ordered a couple ... HOT HOT HOT :thumbsup:

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You guys are sooooo cheap. I bought this for the missus … You guys are sooooo cheap. I bought this for the missus yesterday....:pirate: CJ :pirate:

Some of us mere mortals just aren't that fortunate :prop:

hee, am back from Hatton Gardens, was actually looking at rings....this is a funny and totally overpriced ring for 4carats and a clarity of F....just incase anyone REALLY was going for it.....and only worth at most £27k...the way the dollar is going.....like the post, good for a giggle...voted HOT:-D

Wonder if bid tv will have this for around £2K!:-D
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