4 GB and above CD-R's

Found 1st May 2007
Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of places where I can find Cheap Rewritable CD's, that have a disc space of more than 4gb?

I've checked ebay and such, but the prices are abit above my expectations.

Any helping hand would be wonderful,

thanks in advance.
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do you mean DVD'rs lol SVP is very good
Yea SVP is prob best
Thanks for the replies.

What's this SVP that you guys are talking about? ^^
SVP specialise in DVD-R, DVD+R, CDR from companies such as Datasafe, Bulkpaq, Verbatim, TDK, Datawrite, Ritek and RiDisc.

I buy all my blank media from them.
FYI, CD-R's are either 650 or more commonly 700MB. Some 800 and 900MB ones exist but are often problematic. All DVDR's start from 4.7GB (you can fit on ~4.37GB the way Windows counts it...). There are small form-factor DVDR's which hold a little less than 2GB and are about the size of a MiniDisc

You can get DVD5, DVD9 or DVD18. DVD5 = 4.7GB. DVD9 = 9.4GB. DVD18 = 18.8GB (rare and expensive!)
Ah I see, thanks for the replies.

So how much is an average pack of DVD5's?

And how many do they come in a pack?
If you buy over £30 worth and use Google checkout, the 16x -R Datasafe full face printables work out at 13p each from Big Maggot

I just bought 200


Personally I buy my dvdrs from computer fairs in bulk its £3 or so to get in but you can pick up some nice bargains every now and then too

Ah, cheers for all the helpful responses guys!
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