4 Man Tent

    Before the festival season lands on my like a hole in my wallet, I'm desperate to pick up a decent tent before the prices are hiked back up again.

    Ideally looking for a 4 man, although this won't be used for more than 2 people (what can I say, I like space). Preferably a tunnel/vis-a-vis style, and not too heavy. I found one that looked ideal until I realised it was almost 20kg!

    Any deals out there that I might have missed would be gratefully received.



    I have a tent that has only been put up once in the back grden i'm looking at selling if yr interested, its a blacks make, 4 man tent, 2 double bedrooms living area and porch, in its own bag easy to assemble, model is Grampian, colour mid blue, cost £169.99 still tagged

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    Maybe your Tesco's will have some, i got a 3man tent for £7.50 reduced from £35 and they have some (I think) 6 berth for £60 reduced from £120. Went in there today Hucknall and they have 4 different types the cheapest one was the tescos own band 3 berth for £3.75. The one i got looks good and is light, so worth a look

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    I was in Tescos today and completely forgot to look! I'll try and remember next time - thanks for the tip.

    caggarooney - don't suppose you have pic/model?


    Hi its a blacks Grampian model, i haven't got a pic of my actual tent up but will search for one onine

    Go outdoors have a really good sale on next weekend 3 man for about £148 loads of extras thrown in.

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    Do you know where I can find details? Had a look on their website and can't find any mention of it.

    when i get home i'll have a look at the bag and let you know all the details i have and if poss take a pic if theres one on the bag

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    Sorry Cagga, was talking to Geonik but that would be good anyway!

    thats the one but in mid blue

    Gelert DS4

    Seems like a good deal. Depends how much you want to spend I suppose.

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    Thanks for the help everyone but I decided to go for this:

    Khyam Nomad

    Seems like a pretty good deal to me. There are cheaper options, but this is a decent make with good reviews and not too heavy for a 4 man tent. I was after a vis-a-vis too.
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