4 Months Left With Tmobile - What do i do when contract is in last month to cancel it?

    4 months left contract ends 16/3/09

    Question 1

    do i have to phone them up to tell them to cancel my contract or does it automaically get cut off on the 16th or will i have to pay for the last bill on the 16th for the final month?

    bit confused as last time i just took out a new contract and spent 4 months trying to cancel the old one and they stil didnt do it properly

    Question 2

    any where do buy out that are good deals going about

    Question 3

    Looking to spend 30 to 40 a month for contract on o2 were possbily with free gift. laptop/ wii

    was looking at nokia n96 / nokia 6500 slide nokia 6600 slide/ n95 8 or normal


    You'll need to call/write to them to cancel, it will not just end after the minimum term.
    Do it around 20/2 which is inside a month to go, and gives you enough time to write to them if they require it.

    you need to give them 30days notice-call them.

    Phones4U do buy-outs, ask them what deal they can do for you. It depends on what you want. And i'm with T-Mobile and you do have to give them 30 days end of contract notice.
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