4 way scart switch wanted


After a rgb scart switcher for up to £25 that is tried and tested to be good to connect a ps2 and a wii and maybe more to a plasma (only 2 scart inputs on it used up by sky and dvd player)

Any decent suggestions pleasE?



game do one i just brought it! 8.99! its press button one tho

you could have!

- 3 Way Scart Switcher
---- DVD Player
---- Wii
---- Ps2

Have the sky and dvd both got 2 scarts on them? In which case use that.

Or Sky into TV using the 2nd sky scart socket for the dvd. The 2nd tv scart can be used for the ps2 and then use component (RGB from the wii - this cable is only about £5 on ebay) or use composite (red white and yellow) avoiding the scart block. Then just use the input switch on the telly.

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thanks people, this is for a mate of mine

no the dvd is only scart out and the second sky socket isnt rgb

component is too complicated for my mate, he likes auto switching!

will check out the game one, do u know if it feeds rgb or downgrades it to composite?

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http://www.game.co.uk/Wii/Hardware/Accessory/~r329905/GAMEware-Switchable-SCART-Block/ups it 3 way! and its 6.99!

let me know if u notice any degredation in quality when using it


ive had it 3 days and pictures been fine!

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kewl thanks
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