40% cashback on all purchases (max £25) at George via Quidco


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    Why cold and why moved to discussion? 40% is massive. Especially with George clothing getting 20% off at checkout. So spend £100 on clothing, get it for about £53.

    Guess it's moved because cashbacks always available, and if we posted every time it changes, it would fill the site . 😏

    But good rate though. (edited)
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    Worth noting there is a maximum of £25 cashback. So optimal spend is about £50 to account for delivery and vat etc.
    But you have failed to allow for VAT. To get close to £25 cashback you need to spend about £78.

    If your buying clothes, they get 20% off at checkout - so spend about £98 (edited)
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    Good deal if you can stack with the oled switch.
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    Why so cold little deal? So cold...
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    Thanks OP.
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    I also placed two orders, one at the back of the other for the 40% cash back / 20% off as I thought it was an ecellent deal, cleared my cookies and low and behold mine hasn't tracked either.

    Yet when I go to raise a claim both of the orders are showing there (plus a spare), yet why does it show there but not track?

    I only ordered because of the cash back like many others and paid by credit card and will collect in store. I'll wait until I've actually got the things I ordered then check the cash back again to see if by any luck it changes on collection.
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    Spent £38 got £7 cashback. That's not 40% :/ (edited)
    Doesn't include delivery or vat inless I'm wrong
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    Is anyone else having issues with orders tracking?
    Placed 3 orders now and not 1 has tracked, didn't use any codes, arranged for in-store collection, and paid on a credit card.
    Never have any luck with George
    I'm sorry to hear of your experience with this not tracking I would like to look into this further for you if you could just message us on socialsupport@quidco.com with your issue and registered email.


    Social support
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    I purchased something with the 40% cashback. Spent over £100 and surprise surprise it's not tracked! Always happens when the cashback is decent and I'm getting really fed up with it. I'm still waiting for over 100 cashback from currys in July 2021, which I also had to raise a claim for! Anyone else fine quidco to be terrible nowadays? Thinking of trying top cashback instead
    A main reason why cashback doesn't track is down to browser cookies, this is because the retailers identify you have purchased via Quidco by using browser cookies, if there are loads of cookies built up on your device it's hard for them to identify you purchased via Quidco. I would advise clearing your cookies before every purchase and only having the Quidco browser tab and the retailer browser tab open

    If you would like me to raise the claim on your behalf, drop us a DM with your order confirmation and registered email address with Quidco!-Macey
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    Mine has been doing this for months with George and I placed a order last night and surprise surprise it hasn’t tracked! I even cleared my cookies and only had this tab open! It seems a lot of the promotional offers I’ve used lately haven’t tracked either and I have to wait and make a claim. I’ve been using Quidco for years but I’m getting sick of it now & thinking of using another Cashback site!
    Same here!! There is no regulation of these companies so if they say no that's it, you miss out. It's not on and it's getting very tiresome.

    Oh and the purchase I'd made immediately before this one at Argos tracked fine! (edited)
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    Same problem for me - made and order and it hasn't tracked.

    Had the same problem with the Quidco offer for the Lego store.

    Weird though how I went through Quidco to Hotels.com and made a booking yesterday and it tracked within minutes for less than £1. Strange that the big cashback amounts are not tracking.

    Think I'll be using Topcashback from now on. Not had half as much trouble with them and the claims don't take as long as Quidco either.
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    Anyone had their cashback track for this? I placed 3 Asda orders and none of them have tracked. Looks like I'll have to return it all.
    Raised a ticket second day after it didn't track. Takes a while like 6 months but eventually had it paid out previously
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