40" LCD in Silver. Please Help

    Hi all,

    I need some help from this forums LCD TV experts

    I'm looking to buy myself an LCD TV, however I have no idea where to start:thinking:

    I know there is money off codes for Currys which seems to make the TVs a good deal however am so confused.

    Im looking for:
    With Freeview

    I get confused with the 1080i/1080p, contrast ratio etc and was hoping ppl could point me to a good quality set

    Thanks folks :thumbsup:


    That's rather an old model, pretty much everything worth buying at the mo comes in black I'm afraid. At 40" for LCD the only TV worth considering in my mind is the ]Sony KDL-40D3000U it blows everything else totally out of the water, Google for some reviews and you'll soon see just how good that series are. Alternatively, 40" is the sort of size where Plasma starts to come into it's own, something like the ]Panasonic TH-42PX70B-PED for example reviews very well (although they don't do 40", it's either 37" or 42" in those).

    You don't mention what sort of price range you're looking at? The TV's I've listed are at the very top end of the spectrum, some of the absolute best TV's money can buy.

    Original Poster

    Im looking for at most around £1000.

    Thanks for the advice. Im really looking for LCD though, don't fancy a Plasma

    With that sort of budget, only considering LCD's and if it were my money then my money it would have to be the important is the colour for you? The surround on the D3000's is silver but the main body is black. More info on the KDL-40D3000 and pics here: ]http//ww…+TV

    £902.00 + Del. here: ]http//ww…623
    £902.00 + Del. here:
    £913.01 + Del. here: ]http//ww…318

    Any particular reason why you don't fancy Plasma?

    Original Poster

    Thanks megalomaniac, that set look the dogs danglys.

    I have been put off from plasma by a lot of people. They seem to think LCD is better.

    Me personally im not sure.

    That used to be the case when screen burn was a problem, it's not really true any more. Generally LCD's are better at smaller TV's and Plasmas are better for larger TV's. 40" is probably the tipping point between the two where they're most evenly matched.

    Original Poster

    Can somone tell me is this:


    Is an upscaler.

    It is HDMI output and Amazon say it is, but Sony dont mention

    "HDMI™ output with 1080p upscaling to maximise picture quality even on large screens" under the "Overview/
    " tab on that link you posted and on the "Technical
    " tab: "1080p Up Scaling YES"

    It's supposed to be a very nice piece of kit that.
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