40 Million Bank Raid and Ebay = £1Million

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Found 23rd Feb 2006
You heard it here first.

Ok its a long shot, but it could get some attention from the press. Its very simple really and based on 3 facts.

1 A large amount of money has been stolen (40-50 million)

2 A reward has been offered of £2million.

3 The thiefs are unlikely to get away with it.

The plan (Queue the A-Team theme)

----Ebay Advert 'One million Pound'----

Cost £40 million buy it now...obviously 1p true cost and £39,999,999.99p postage...do you think I'm stupid or something?

Obviously I would accept all major credit cards, large quantities of cash, gold bullion or even paypal but not tiffany bracelets- theres so many fakes around you know.

Hey I may even throw in a couple of sim cards.

Pre-bidders only.
Good feedback.
New members from the London area with rich in their ebay username welcome.
Discount of 10% if they want to 'get away for a while' in Ireland.



thats a bit greedy, wasnt robbing the northern bank in ireland enough for ya ?!!

Original Poster

he he I'm a plastic paddy not a wealthy irishman!!
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