£400 Dell Laptop

    Ok, the GF needs a new laptop and she's got a budget of £400. Dead set on a Dell.

    I know the options are limited in that price range, but can anyone suggest which one to go for? Which would be the one to go for between the Vostro/latitude/inspiron range? Can you buy a Vostro if you dont have your own business?


    Yes you can buy a Vostro for home use.


    The people who ordered from MikeT's post above seem very happy with that one.

    oryt m8 i have a dell laptop that is about a year old are you looking 4 second hand?

    Just setting up a Dell Vostro 1000 for a mate - staggering VFM for £300 delivered inc a larger battery showing about 4.5hrs on full charge.

    More than enough for any standard home user.

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    £300? Can it still be had at that price?

    buy the one on Mikes thread, we have one and its really REALLY good for!

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    Uh oh, i just got this the day after placing the order. Am i rumbled? What should i put down to get the order?

    Dear Customer,

    We’re unable to process your Dell Order ************** because the details you gave us don’t match our records.

    First we need to confirm if your order is for Business use or Home use - so please take the following steps:

    1) Click "Reply" button - (at the top of this email)

    2) Put an "X" in the right box (this cannot be done before you've clicked "Reply")

    3) Enter your Company details in the following boxes (Business users only)

    4) Click "Send" button

    Please note, you only have the options below, we won’t be able to see any additional comments you write.
    Your Choices
    Put your "X" in this column

    This is a HOME order - please remove the company name from my order

    This is a BUSINESS order - and I have confirmed the details below

    If your order is for BUSINESS use please also complete the following boxes:

    Information we would like to confirm
    Please enter your details in this column

    Company Name

    Contact Name

    Billing Address

    If we do not receive a reply to this email within 3 working days your order will be automatically cancelled.

    As soon as we receive your reply we can process your order as a priority.




    £300? Can it still be had at that price?

    Yes - in the small business section....they don't want joew public to see them and make you pay more for laptops in the 'home' section.

    Unless you are doing advanced gaming / CAD this laptop is all you are going to need.
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