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I have decided to take the plunge on a plasma and have narrowed my search down to the LG 42PC1D (unless anyone else has any other suggestions!

The best price I can find this for is Sound & Vision @ £983.90 inc del. Does anyone know of a better deal?



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That's about the best TV and best price for your budget.

:pirate: CJ :pirate:

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Yeah, others I looked at in addition to the LG 42PC1D are:

Panasonic TH42PX60

Samsung PS42E7HDX

Samsung PS42Q7HD (Not sure of the difference of these last two)

If anyone has any comments on which is best etc. Inc best prices please feel free to post



Hi Cavester

Good choice of screen. I've oft admired that in the shops myself, but a bit too rich for me. And it gets mighty warm, being a plasma.

Anyhoo, I've found a way to save you a couple of quid...

You can get it from Dixons online. Yeah, I know - last place you'd expect to save some cash.

From here it's £994.38 with free delivery.

HOWEVER, if you order using your Egg credit card, you get 5% off. So you will get it for £944.66, making a saving of £39.24.

That'll be enough to get some extra cabling!

Hope it helps.


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Yeah, seen that but that model is the 421pcA version with the silver speakers rather than black which I prefer. Thanks for the pointer though.

Going to go to Richer Sounds at lunchtime to look at the Panny although I can't see the point in paying the extra £170 if LG is just as good?



i just took delivery of the 42" LG from Dixons yesterday; what a star.
It's absolutely stunning.

I research plasma's for the past 3 months before I purchased.
The LG for my budget (£1100) was the best buy.
Dixons dropped it below £1000 last week so with quidco, I got a bargin.
At the moment, Dixons have it for £996 :prop:

Best of luck.


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Excellent stuff!

I have just ordered it too. Hope I am not dissapointed

How are you finding yours? Have you got an x-box 360 plugged in or anything yet?

come on do tell!


i'm loving mine.
no xbox plugged in, that's my next purchase :thumbsup:

i got a HDMI DVD player recently and boy, the quality is amazing when you plug in the cable.

it's a big telly and it looks great.
i got the stand from dixons also, they have a 1/2 price offer on with the tv.
stand is excellent also.

best of luck.

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Cool. I am wall mounting mine so don't neet a stand. paid £955 in the end via quidco discount so as long as it lasts the milage and is good quality then it should be a bargain! :thumbsup:

Whats the warranty then?

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Just the standard mfs of 12 months. Couldn't find it anywhere with any more. :x

Can i just say if you using your x box for any length of time on any plasmas may damage it you will sureley get screen retention after 10 mins on a static image and if that image stays in the same place on the screen for long periods of time then you will end up with screen burn .

Some plasma sets are more susceptible than other Panasonics and Fujitsu are the best screens to buy IMOH after many months of research.

If you intend to use xbox i would advice LCD.

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Yes, I went back and forth between the panny and the LG with this very thing in mind. However after reviewing all the posts on the AVForums I came to the conclusion that the panny just wasn't worth the extra £200 over the LG.

Both LG and Panny users report screen retention and both report it dissapearing within moments of switching to another channel etc. No one that I could see reported permanent screen burn on any of the screens and that was with people playing x-box and watching DVD's with statisc images as well as forgetting to switch it off and leaving sky news blue band on over night. So hopefully all will be well :thumbsup:

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