42" Plasma Stand Help

    Hi all!

    I have just 'Inherited' a 42" NEC Plasma screen (PX-42VM3G - 42MP3) from work and am looking for a cheap stand for it (Ideally table-top, but anything which stops me drilling and mounting to the wall!), if anyone can help, or advise ??!!

    Ideally a universal cheap-o will do me, as long as it's fairly stable and won't collapse on me!

    Thanks in advance!


    I've just bought one of these:…228
    The postage is steep unless you can order some other stuff to take your order up to £50 and get the free 5 day delivery, failing that I did see a suitable stand in ASDA last week for £20.

    I think he means the pedestal that screws on the bottom of the tv.

    Original Poster

    Indeed I do! - I have the main TV stand, but am looking for either the pedestal, or maybe even another stand with the metal bit sticking up to attach the screen to.

    Sorry if I wasn't clear earlier :oops:

    Thanks anyway mate!:thumbsup:

    Try…php they have a range of accessories quite cheap there might a shop near you.

    No worries, it'll teach me to read posts more clearly!

    This is a difficult one to find.

    Here is the phone number for NEC (UK) support if you get desperate.
    0845 234 4040

    This is the direct number for dedicated Plasma support.

    But I would imagine a genuine part will be very expensive. I had to take a Samsung pedestal out to a customer once because they threw their's away with the box. Samsung charged them almost £80 just for a pedestal for a 26" LCD.

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    Thanks for that! - I may just take my chances with ebay & hope that some 'Universal' cheap-o turns up, but any other advice is still welcome!!

    I have ]THIS STAND

    Looks very nice as long as you ignore the assembly instructions. They are wrong.

    The TV needs VESA (I think) standard mounting points on the back, which most lcds and plasmas do.

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    That looks perfect, and for £35.00 I can't complain!!

    I'm not sure what VESA is, but I'll Google it & hope for the best!

    Many, Many thanks for that! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

    I recall postage was expensive, as it weighs a ton.

    If you need any asistance with asembly, let me know, I could take some pics of mine.

    The instructions tell you to put some bits in places where they dont fit, and arent needed.

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    Thanks for all the pointers! - I have ordered one, so all good now! :thumbsup:

    Thanks again everyone!

    bobba job do i just buy a lcd tv and that stand u mentioned and fit it on?

    do i need screws or anything or will it come with everything i need!

    It comes with screws to fit to the back of your LCD

    They fit fine to my Samsung 32" LCD.

    This then hang onto the stand and is fastened in place.

    Looks very tidy.

    nice one!!!!

    u have that samsung 32'' too?

    they sure are popular

    iv got a samsung LCD and the picture now is terrific, i replied to your other query aswell muffin
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