42" TV - Best Deals?

    Hi folks,

    Looking for a 42" (probably fairly set on the size) TV as a Cristmas present for my Gran. Ideally about the £600 mark - HD not important.

    Anything good going?


    Billy :santa:


    you can get the Panasonic th42 px70 for around £700 i know a bit out of your budget but probably the best set on the market at the moment. I stand to be corrected on that one though.
    I th37 px 70 is about 50 cheaper if size isnt an issue. Richer sounds, currys and Dixons all do this set.
    Dont be fooled by "1080p tv's" they are on sale long before their time, unless your gran is gettign a ps3 from another member of the family for christmas or a high defintion dvd player She doesnt need 1080 resolution, 720 is just as good at this moment in time and possibly for about the next three or four years. What people dont realise is at this moment in time its how good a plasma/lcd screen shows standard television that matters not how they show high definition. High definition tv is a long way off for most people unless your Gran pays £45 plus for sky hd, even then its only approx 12 channels.
    Sorry for that long winded story but 720 resolution is all you need at the moment.

    i bought a philips "42 plasma £629 with 5 year warranty from john lewis last week oh and still to get an extra £32 off from quidco

    Original Poster

    Cheers. Budget isn't particularly fixed. I got my 42" tele about 18 months ago for £650 so I assumed they would come down. I'll have a look at these. Much appreciated.

    Obviously, at 82, someone else in the family will be getting her a PS3. She is a bit of a demon at Wii Sports in fairness! Couldn't agree more about the HD hype and the 1080 discussions on here and elsewhere couldn't be more geek-esque if they came with spots and NHS glasses - no offence to anyone with either...



    you are more than welcome.
    tv's have dropped massively in price, the px60 (last years panasonic model) was anywhere between £1500 and £1700 this time last year. the gap is huge between panasonic and pioneer compared to the rest with regards to quality.
    So even though it sounds alot the px70 is def worth it. you thought about the 37 inch? thats about 80 to 100 cheaper again. If its for your gran she may possibly need to sit closer to the set with regards to sight and hearing. (no offence meant mate) so a smaller clearer screen may suit? the recommended viewing distance from a 40/42 inch screen is 8 foot.
    only my opinion but hope it helps!
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