42in or better HD LCD - best deal around?

Found 16th Aug 2009
I'm after the best deal around for a TV this size for my brother, who's coming back to the UK.
Would be most appreciative of suggestions of best deals around, as I'm not really familiar with what's hot and what's not in HD sets.

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Panasonic Plasma would be the way to go , on a 42 or above this is going to give you the best picture quality/ :thumbsup:


Info on the deal here .

Thanks for the suggestions.

I'd always understood that LCDs used less power than plasmas, is that the case or does it make no difference?
not neccesarily true, plasma's do have their benefits plasma-lcd-facts.co.uk/ but im sticking to my lcd's for now.
My brother prefers LCD (it's what he's had in the US), and wants 42" min.

Any suggestions for best bet with those spec? He wants a good set, so doesn't have to be the cheapest, just best performing set at a decent price.
the one that i linked you to earlier is a pretty spectacular deal, most lcd's come in 40" these days.
Does the LG 42LH3000 qualify as a good set?

The online reviews seem very good, it's the right size and seems a good price. It also got a lot of heat fairly recently on HUKD. My brother really wants an LCD it seems, is this a decent alternative to the plasma?

Thanks again for the continued input :thumbsup:
yeah its a good set, but its not the best deal around, its quite dear + its not top notch either go for a 40" the difference wont be noticable but you'll save a few pounds and get a better tv, go for a samsung 5 or 6 series or a bravia.
but to be quite honest, picture wise plasma's are unbeatable i recently made the change to a plasma myself and ohh what a difference especially if you watch a lot of sports and movies.
Have passed all this on and brother has confirmed that he wants full HD.

Any tips on a good deal on a full HD tv, either lcd or plasma? I've been looking online at LG, Samsung and Panasonic, am I pretty safe with those manufacturers?
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