42inch lcd 1080p under or around £700

    Hello everyone !
    I have been saving my coins for a long time and keeping an eye out for a good deal but no luck, i would like to buy a 42inch lcd 1080p t.v for around £700 could someone please advise. Thanks in advance guys(i'am new)
    : )


    Hi, i got one of these, quite impressive, and i dont know if anyone else can help but i got a 10% discount voucher off mine…tml

    I don't know anything about LCD tvs so this may be a pile of junk for all I know but I saw ]this one posted on another forum earlier.

    Edit: Just read that's a rear projection so it's huge and obsolete. Don't even bother clicking on the link.

    Have a look here.…tml
    Remember that the price they show, doesn't include things like Quidco etc. If you can get any.
    Good luck.

    These are excellent for £750 i know someone who bought one
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