£45 o2 1200mins 500 messages unlimited blackberry 12 months remaining.

    Don't know if this is possible, but I am on the o2 £45 tarrif 1200 minutes 500 messages and the unlimited Blackberry bolt on.
    It has 12 months remaining on it so due to expire next February.
    I'm moving to Orange as I would like the free broadband and also the magic number.
    If anyone is interested in taking over my contract please could you let me know.

    Thank you


    interested in your contract or the blackberry?

    Original Poster

    The contract.

    Doubt you would get anyone interested in paying £45 for that tarriff. Much better tarriffs can be had for cheaper

    £30 on sim only, month to month. 1200mins, 2400 texts, and unlimited internet on O2 for £30 a month. Could easily turn that into 12 months, and get an extra 800 texts per month and 400mins not inc the cashback.

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    Thanks for the replies - The contract is on a cashback making it just £25 pounds a month but I don't know how all this would get transferred over if someone is interested hence the reason why I never wrote it.

    If anyone knows a way around this will appreciate any advice.

    You cannot transfer ownership on an existing contract from o2.

    I know this because I've tried.

    Original Poster

    Ah! really - thanks i'll see if a family member would like it!:roll:
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