450 laptop budget - HP or Dell?

    I have 450 to spend on a laptop but am unsure what to get. I was going to get the HP one as I can get a 10% employee discount but then I saw this one and it looked a lot better in every way. I don't know if i'm missing something here but people were saying he HP was an excellent deal at 500.

    Dell Inspiron 1721
    ]HP DV 9605

    If anybody has any other recommendations they are more than welcomed.

    Just a not.. a 17" is not necessary.. I would actually prefer a 15.4". And I should be able to get employee discounts at Currys or Comet.

    Any help is greatly appreciated as I need a laptop very soon!


    from personal experience, I would always choose a HP product over a Dell, correct me; I could be wrong here but I think HP is superior to Dell.

    Hi, if I could just suggest to you to have a look at acer. I have owned an acer laptop for nearly 3 years and no major problems. Recently go a 17" 9423wsmi, I was really lucky and got it for £350 from (the rrp is about £800). The good thing about acer laptop is that they offer extended warranty for an extra £50 (two more years) and you have 1 year to decide if you want to buy it (ebuyer or amazon sell them, sometimes on ebay). Or within 3 months you can go for an extended including accidental damage starting from £65 or there about. I think they are strong built, reliable and reasonable priced. Good luck.

    I have had both HP and Dell (loads of the latter). Both have gnereally been reliable, rugged and lasted well although i have to say i would probably choose an HP at that price point - i think they have some great specs available at that amount compared to dell. The HP 6715b comes to mind as a distinct bargain.

    Acer are in a different league quality-wise (and not in a good way) ;-)

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the input guys.

    Maybe i'm missing out on something here but does it not matter that on paper the Dells specs are way better? The dell comes with a Turion processor, 320gb hard drive, better camera, bluetooth etc and the HP doesn't.

    This is the first time I am buying a laptop so please excuse me if I am asking some silly questions..

    If you work for HP (i used to) then you will know how bad quality they are (the parts)! I would put HP at the bottom for laptops, simply because of the reliability of parts!
    Its all down to the parts/specs more than anything, better the spec the better the laptop. All thats different is the quality of the case and quality of the parts.
    would plump for the dell!

    Buy an Acer. I've had a Travelmate for over 3 years. It's built like a brick, the battery life is superb and I've never had an issue with it.
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