46 Inch LED Television

    Looking to get a 46" or bigger LED TV.

    Sticking point is, I need it to fit a VESA wall mount of maximum 250mm x250mm.

    The only ones I have found are the LG range of 47" LED TV, they use 200x200. But can't find any cheap deals on them. All Samsung LEDs this size seem to need 400x400 with Sony & Phillips needing 300x300.

    Any recommendations?



    Just a question but, why are you looking to get a TV that fits your wall mount, when the tv costs 10x+ more?

    Seems better to get a good deal on a tv, then buy a cheap wall mount for £20 or so from amazon/ebay.

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    It was built into the wall like permanently. Can't just removed screws or anything like that. Can't be moved, means I would have to put TV elswhere when it has nowhere else to go.

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    It is ambercatz, was after an LED though.
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