46" LCD OR PLASMA TV (Cheapest)

    Can someone please advise as to what is the best type of t.v for 46" (Plasma or LCD), and where the best & cheapest place is to buy? I have a budget of around £1k; a couple of hundred over wouldnt be too much of a struggle. Also I have heard about S.E.D T.v's coming out, is it best for me to hold on for a few months to see if there is a drop in LCD / Plasma prices?

    Any help would be appreciated.



    Hello ]6969simon

    I'm moving soon but once i'm in, thinking of getting this one below and this is the cheapest i can find it


    but a friend of mine just got one of these and seems to think plasma is better than lcd


    Just thought i would try and help out

    Many Thanks

    Techz :-)

    I personally going to grab the Sony KDF 50 E 2010 for £880, its Rear projection LCD but minimal at the back of the tv not like normal rear projections, picture quality on my friends is superb.

    Screen size: 50'', Aspect ratio: 16:9, Frequency: 100 Hz, Additional decoders: HDTV Ready, Audio type: Dolby Virtual Surround ...…tml…681 - feedback from others with the tv
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