47 - 50 inch TV help

My brother wants to buy a TV for our mum and dad for christmas

Can you help find a good deal please?



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somewhere between £500 - £600 thanks

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Even a 46" will do

Get a plasma instead of a LCD.

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Is a plasma better?


Slight above your budget but a big good TV for the price!
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Is a plasma better?

What are they going to watch the most? Normal SD Sky? Blu-Rays? etc. I've got 2 plasma's in the house so you might find my opinion a bit biased but they are excellent for watching TV, normal SD looks better than LCD's, image looks more natural, better motion handling so good for sports, better contrast, better viewing angles, however they are not as bright as LCD's but not really a big issue, colours may not be as vibrant, cheaper to run but the benefits of a plasma in my opinion are worth it.
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Thanks, they normally watch sky.. they dont watch sports

Plasma then! Will be better than a LCD.


Amazing value for a good spec TV

LG 50PK350 - 50" full HD plasma - £467 delivered @ Bestbuy if you go via topcashback


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