Groups - Anyone had anything from them recently?

    A couple of weeks back I posted this deal ->‌…an- and was looking forward to getting the cd. However, it hasn't arrived. I went to check the status of the order and got the screen below on the home page??

    Anyone had anything from them recently?


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    I was wondering about this as well. They charged my credit card on the 29th July, but like you I can't get on the site to find out anything or to contact them :?

    I've used them once, didn't get what I ordered took the best part of a month to get my money back. In the end I flooded their email system demanding my money back, that was the only way I could get any form of contact.

    I would never use them again.

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    Hmmm doesn't look good then does it.... will see what happens over the next couple of days then.

    Glad I'm not the only one...

    My CD came yesterday from Singapore, only took 3-weeks or so...
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