If i turn off wi fi on my iphone and connect my laptop to the 4g through my phone sim, is the isp the same every time as its on the same sim card? If i was to use a different sim card would isp be different?


    The isp would be the network the sims on.

    But bare in mind, a lot of mobile plans don't allow tethering. So check before you try. . .

    You don't need the sim card In the phone to connect to the Internet over wifi. Sim card connects your phone to the masts that then connects you to Internet.

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    Thanks for that, but i want to use my ipad on a different isp to my home router, ive used tethering before, but wasnt sure about dynamic isp or not.

    I always thought mobile data was dynamic not a fixed ip address.

    you keep saying isp but I think you mean IP. Yes your phone has a different ip than your router. (they are also most likely a different isp). you will then be using your phones data. why do you want another IP address? probably better ways to do what you want than tethering.
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