4g Mini Hub device + SIM

Posted 22nd Apr
need a mini hub I believe as BT broadband is off.


do the network hubs have a fixed SIM card so you have to use their network or can I choose to put in a different network SIM? EE wouldn't work for me and looking for an O2 one of anyone knows a good deal?

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lock to EE network.

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Cisco06060622/04/2020 11:24

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Then I buy a data SIM card from network?
You could use an old mobile and tether off it. Voxi do a sim at £10 a month, Unlimited calls, text 6 or 8gb data depending on promotions but atm they're unlimited data, They're not taking any data off anyone and they're only 30 day sim cards so if/when they do start taking data you could switch to another network sim etc..
Presumably you don't "need a mini hub" you simply "need a device"?
Hardware as suggested above = almost any (even battered) smartphone handset will instantly provide a reasonable wifi source via its integral hotspot feature; most Android handsets also have options to tether via USB to a standard router for ethernet & more penetrating/dualband wifi. Example hotukdeals.com/com…674
The no credit check, no contract £10/m unlim data Voxi SIMO option is a no-brainer if Voda signal is decent for you. Similar no credit check / no contract via 3's Smarty option is twice the cost at £20/m but has first-month £15 cashback opportunity via the usual players of Quidco / TCB.
Not aware of any non-committal / chunky data options on o2, although the £20 Giffgaff plan might be an option if 80GB would be enough and GG has removed speed throttling.
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