4gb sd card

Found 4th Oct 2008
Hi all,

Was looking at play.com, and the one i found was a 4gb sd hd?
Just want one to fit into my boyfriends car cd player - which is a normal one like what goes in your average camera!

No idea what the hd bit stood for, my camera ones dont mention hd on them, and there from play.com and the same brand (sandisk) etc.

Any help will be appreciated, thanks.

(p.s would like to buy from play as theyve been good in the past)
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AskCardSD Card
HD stands for high density.
Not all equipment can use these cards, particularly older stuff.
You will need to check the spec of your CD player but my guess is it won't work.
why not just buy a couple of 1 or 2 gig cards.. they are much cheaper and you can get loads of music on them.
Heres a twin pack of 2 X 2GB ....sd cards SanDisk... .from play for £8.99 delivered
I just ordered 3 4GB Micro SD from Play.com £7.99each. + Quidco 4% i think
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