4K 39 Inch are £190 in america:(…iki

    Roughly £190, sucks to be british this is like £400 here


    That's why we're rip off UK!


    That's why we're rip off UK!

    We always get ripped off!

    For example PS4's

    US $399 = £233ish
    UK £349
    Euro €399 = £317ish

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    Yes it might be cheaper but at least we have watchable TV. Also there's the sales tax depending where you live in the US, the cost of healthcare, owning a car is a requirement in most places and those are very expensive by comparison to UK prices. So we do get some nice positives.

    Swings and roundabouts really.

    Add to that, state and federal taxes at whatever the going rate is

    Ps4 looks like a decent deal, as you can bring them back yourself and not have to declare it as it's under your personal allowance of £390. As it comes with a 110-240 power supply the only working issues might be regions for films, personally that wouldn't bother me. Anyone that uses the playstation network might be able to list other issues.

    At 6% sales tax for Florida that's probably more than £100 saved for buying in the USA. Although if it developed a fault you'd be stuck.

    Also only 90 days warrenty in the us, SOMETIMES 30 DAYS

    doesn't include sales tax

    Some States don't have sales tax, Oregon for example.

    Bah USA is rip off, only £1.56 in China!

    isn't 39 inch 4K pointless?

    They need something to watch while they are filling their face with 99c Twinkies from Walmart!


    This used to be shippable to the UK with taxes etc already paid - now it's not. Was going to bite on this, but not anymore it seems
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