4K 50/55inch TV - £500 budget

Found 13th Jun 2018
Hi everyone,

I’m looking for a 4K TV with true HDR and (possibly) at least 120 hz refresh rate.

I don’t really care if it’s a smart tv or not (I will connect it to a PS4) nor I want it to be curved.

I am going to use Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and gaming so I’ll need an actual HDR TV and I would like some piece of advice on my options and some tips on what to look for to be sure I’m getting “real” 4K and HDR and not some software enhancements.
Thanks in advance for all your tips!
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Good luck.
I want a dragon with Lamborghini doors. Mate it's impossible at that budget. I've never seen one on here. You'll need to increase the budget to around the 700 mark and you'll get that. Stay away from any of the cheap lg sets.
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If you can extend the budget to around £650 (The VERY deal is over for 560 I believe) then either the UE55MU7000 or UE55MU7070 is popular at the mo.

Also lookout for the TCL TV's launching from June 25th on Amazon. HDR 10 apparently but not sure on all details. The 55" is £499 pre-order on Amazon.
Hisense latest 2018 model with HDR10, see here
True or False are not helpful terms when it comes to HDR.

Right now the HDR standards are beyond what any TV is capable of, even a top of the range TV for ten times your budget can only reproduce part of the dynamic range that HDR content can use.

The best technology is still expanding the dynamic range available, but the best technology is expensive and cheaper TVs get partial or older implementations of that technology.

In short, you get more dynamic range the more money you spend.

Various people have attempted to define real/true HDR at various levels of noticeable difference over non-HDR content but that is subjective.

At £500 you're not going to see much increase in dynamic range so I'd focus on the software processing side of things, make sure the TV doesn't make a mess of HDR content. Sometimes the tone mapping (scaling HDR content down to the capabilities of the TV) can produce rather a dim picture on cheap TVs if they choose to preserve dynamic range between scenes rather than the specified picture brightness.

You'll see the real benefits from HDR on the TV after this one.
Along the same lines, pretty much exactly the same actually.

I want a tv with 4K for the World Cup, was thinking around 500 too. I actually bought an LG 55UJ634V the other day, comes Monday, for around 420-30 after I got an extra 10% off eBay and went through curry’s eBay store.

Ive got a niggling doubt though and debating cancelling it, mainly people commenting “FAKE 4K!” On every LG post. T3 had it in the top 5 best Tv’s under 1k last month so it seems excellent value.

I’ll use it for watching football and PS4 as well as normal tv/films, could I get better or should I be happy with that.?

I could spend more but I really don’t need it so it’s hard to justify to myself, so Amy suggestions give a reason as to why it’s definitely better, thanks.
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