4K 60'' Options

    While scoping for some black friday deals I've found two potential 60'' 4K options:

    The first, is £799, the UE60KU6020, which I guess is an 8-bit.

    The second, is the £1,249 UE60KS7000.

    Cannot find any reviews or comments on the first option, and while we're looking to be more future proof with the one we choose, it will essentially only be used for Sky/Netflx.

    Anyone have any advice?

    Thanks in advance!


    A seiki posted here if you're not overly bothered about brand name;…660

    Edit: Might not be 4k
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    The KU6000 (and 6020/6100/etc. variants) is Samsung's entry level 4K TV, there's a spanish review here:…00/

    It's effectively a non-HDR TV.

    The KU6400/6500 et al. adds a wider colour space.

    The KS7000 adds the full HDR brightness range and some basic backlight control.

    The 6020 offers little future proofing other than 4K which may or may not take off with broadcasters as it doesn't benefit that many people. HDR is likely to be of bigger uptake as everyone can see it, provided the technology to do it well comes down in price.
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