4k camera or camcorder

    Best camera or camcorder to buy for non professional with budget up to £1000. My kid is growing up so I want to capture these precious moments


    I am not a camera person but I use the galaxy camera I love android and this is perfect for me very easy to use and have never had any bad pictures from it, not sure if it is 4k tho

    You need to know-
    how you will store the footage
    how if at all it will be easy to edit / share footage
    whether it is worth the extra £300 just for 4K when HD 1080p is much cheaper
    what type of camcorder- sports / waterproof / compact
    Extra batteries as most last about an hour or so of recording
    Possible indoor lighting

    Once you can answer these questions you will get the best advice and consider it as an investment

    In the end it's not just about money but your commitment to learn & develop which requires time and most overlook
    this in favour of a gimmick or a quick fix

    BTW I have a Sony SR 12 which shoots amazing footage cost £400 off eBay 5 years ago has 120Gb hard drive and another which cost £100 from Sony outlet it stores on SD card and the difference in quality is very noticeable but then again it's much lighter no HD to fail and you can easily transfer footage to an external HD

    My advice is to go in to Currys or Jessops and try out a few buy a cheap second hand one and see how much you use it and once confident you can go for 4K

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    Thanks for replies.

    I will stick with my current camera as my missis wasn't very happy about my idea so if I buy one I will be sleeping in the shed...


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    Chicken with some money to spend on other things
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