4k Dolby Vision player anaolog audio out with Logitech 5.1

Posted 8th Jun 2020
I am looking to upgrade my 4k player Lg80 as it does not do Dolby vision and want to get the best out of my oled.

I can't decide between a Panasonic Panasonic UB450 and Panasonic UB820

Is the Hdr optimiser worth it ? I don't find HDR 10 on my lg player dark it's perfect maybe to bright on some scenes

The Panasonic UB820 has analogue RCA output. Would a RCA X6 MALE TO 3.5 AUDIO JACK X3 FEMALE ADAPTER CABLE (photo below) work with a Logitech z906 so I can make use of the lossess audio tracks instead of using opitcal.

I used to use a pc with the speakers analogue cables and let the power dvd app decode audio and was much better sound so this would make the ub820 worth the extra cost

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