4K HDR HDMI Ports?

Found 27th Dec 2017
Before I buy a 4K TV, I need to know if HDMI ports are different. So are there 4K/HDR HDMI ports on the TV and normal ones?

I ask as I use a Sony Soundstage to connect to my TV, and then I use the soundstage as a HDMI switch as it had 4 ports on the back that I can connect devices to such as games consoles.

Will this be an issue? Or would the soundstage need to be capable of handling HDR via the HDMI ports?
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Does the soundstage have HDMI 2.0+ support ?
I think for games consoles you need 2.0 HDMI for 4k
Some models of TV will only accept HDR inputs on some of their ports, other TVs will accept it on all of the ports.

The Soundstage would need to be capable of supporting HDCP 2.2 if you wanted to transfer some HDR sources through it.
This is the one I have -


It does say 3D/4K, but nothing about HDR video?
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