4k HDR high refreh rate TV? 100hz+

    Ive been looking at hisense 55m7000 but the refresh rate is only 60hz. Ill be playing PC games on this also so was looking for a set with at least 100hz+

    Anyone have any recommendations?


    also why not just get a pc monitor?

    You can get 120hz TVs but the frames will be interpolated at best, none of them accept more than 60fps.

    If you're happy with them then IIRC the starting model in each range with a 120hz panel is:

    Sony XD83
    Panasonic DX750 (I think)
    Philips 6501/6521/6551/6561
    Samsung KS7000
    LG 770V. (or maybe the 750V, information is scarce).

    They don't accept more than 60hz anyway, if you get a 400hz TV it won't apply it on a HDMI input, or it shouldn't anyway, normally only applies to the built in TV tuner.

    Also for ease of explanation, say you get a 120hz TV and it can do it on the HDMI, you're playing a game sending the signal at say 60hz, the TV is guessing every other frame to get 120hz, the last thing you want when gaming is your TV guessing what should be there and producing sketchy ghost images.

    If you want a screen that can actually display and take 100hz, you're looking at either a monitor or an extremely expensive TV.
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