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Found 17th Nov 2016
I have a 42" LG 1080p LCD TV at present. We watch a lot of TV/movies via Sky and have a Wii U. We have a blu ray player that doesn't upscale to 4K and use it regularly to watch movies.

The TV is 3 years old but I'd really like to get a 4K TV. Is it worth it?

We sit about 3m away and we're thinking of getting a 55" one.

Look forward to your opinions. Thanks
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42" @ 1080p is too small @ 3m viewing distance. 55 isn't going to cut it unless you're going to sit a lot closer to the set. The colour, brightness and contrast will be better but you just won't get the full effect. You should be looking at 65" to 70" at that distance.
Remember when they display these sets in shops you are approximately 1m away from the set with extremely good bias lighting.
I'd say get the best 1080 screen you can afford.
Can you recommend a model for either of the two? 4K or 1080

I don't see the point in free sat as I have Sky and I don't see the point in smart TVs/android as I have a Wii u and Apple TV

Is 3D worth it? My budget would be about £500/600

Is 3D worth it? My budget would be about £500/600

Do you have a lot of 3D blu-rays or watch in 3D a lot at the cinema? I'm surprised your current model doesn't do it, it's 2012 was at the height of 3D (it's being phased out now) and LG were a strong supporter.

There's not really anything compelling at £600 for 55" right now apart from maybe the latest SmartTV which you don't want. If your LG was of a similar quality to the TV you're looking at now then I'd hang onto it for another two or three years until local dimming HDR sets drop down into your budget (they're just over 1k for 55" now, £800 for the same size as you have now).
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