4k TV best features?

Found 25th Oct 2017

Despite being a technical wizard when it comes to computers and programming I’ve never had much clue about TVs and monitors only than the basic info such as resolution, size and ports and other features etc but I’m crap when it comes to be minor details such as colour brightness etc

Popped into PC world to take advantage of Samsung SSD and Asassins Creed deal and had a look at he TVs, despite having a Sony 4K in the living room (non HDR) it’s picture looked no where as good as the ones for sale.

Vibrant colours sharp images, just looked really clear. I know they put on 4K content to sell it and it doesn’t represent what’s on offer on a day to day basis but it for me wanting a new tv.

what are the key things should look for in a new TV if I want that type of quality?

HDR? 8bit? 10bit? Colour gamut’s......

I’m pretty clueless as I assumed 10bit panel HDR was the trick but then some sites says you need high colour and some ratio for shadow and colour and that’s where I’m out of my depth.

thanks for the help
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Full array local dimming is what you want for the lighting of the TV. What 4K content do you play at the moment? If the answer is barely any or none then changing your TV will probably make little difference compared to you current 4K tv.

10bit hdr
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