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    Hi Guys, I have been looking through all the deals with 4K tvs and i am getting really confused haha, I am looking for a 4K tv around 43" but i am hearing about all technical things with fake 4k etc and i am a bit lost with which is the best one to get, i have a budget off around £450 but i can stretch to around £500 if needed, Any recommendations would be really appreciated as all the technical stuff is confusing me haha, I am just looking for a decent picture for 4k blu rays, gaming and general tv viewing. Thanks in advance


    Im in the same boat mate. Save another 200 for starters Ignore smart features as they are carp on a tv. Go to a store like currys and look at the pictures and pick one you like. Then look for the best price u can get. Sound isnt important youll need a good sound bar or surround sound etc as built in is carp on all modern tv. Dont get bogged dwn wi 4k hd ultra hd etc its all balls lol. Unless your room is huge 42 inch should be good. A 60 inch tv will give a poorer viewing experience in a smaller room


    ...I am looking for a 4K tv around 43" ...

    TBH, unless you are viewing a 43" 4k TV from an uncomfortably close distance, it is unlikely you will notice any benefit of 4k over 1080p; so computer monitor applications maybe, but not domestic TV from armchair / couch. Probably need to be upwards of 48" to see a resolution benefit. That's not to say 43"4k won't have any other picture quality benefit, just not a noticeable resolution benefit.

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